Yoga journey

Yoga means "Unity".

Uniting with your body, mind and soul relieves your tension and brings us a sense of peace and security.


Based on traditional Hatha yoga and Yin yoga, I teach yoga that will enrich your life, from breathing techniques, how to use your body, to seasonal regimens based on traditional Chinese medicine.


"Everyone is different".


Take your time and focus on your breath and body.

You will find small changes.

The realization becomes joy, and the heart is just colored colorfully every day.

【My YOGA Journey】

I began my Yoga journey on 2015 when I started working in the society after University.

Yoga was my relieves place in busy life. It taught me that happiness and peace are always within me. 

The more I practice yoga, the more my curiosity to yoga philosophy was increasing.


While I was working at a trading company, I diagnosed graves disease which brought me to my turning point.

I decided to learn Yoga in earnest.

After my yoga teacher training was finished, my disease disappeared.

Yoga ignited in me the desire to help others fins peace and joy, to feel energetic and positive through their practice and enrich their life.


Yoga is my part of life.  

I still continue to practice and study Yoga from Mr.Mukesh Thapliyal who born and raised in India, and Ms.Natsumi Hama who is a founder of Flow Arts Yoga Studio in Japan.


Lesson class

【Group Lesson】

Monday 9:30-10:30 / 11:00-12:00 (Hot Yoga Studio Caldo)

Tuseday 20:15-21:15 (Sports club LEALEA in Kanagawa)

Wednesday 10:00-11:15 / 11:30-12:45 (Yoga studio InStyle)

Saturday 10:00-11:00 ( at Sendagi in Tokyo)

Sunday 21:00-22:00 (Online Yoga)


【Personal Yoga】

60min JPY9000 + travel expense