LIVE, LOVE and Lough

"Dingadingana" is holistic journey salon.


Dingadingana means Step by Step in Madagascar words as know as a yellow flower called Iary.


Life is a endless journey.

Curiosity and Awareness, both are necessary source for making own journey and mantaining our body and mind.


How often do you listen to your heart in daily life?

By promoting an attitude of internal awareness in busy everyday life, it reflects on yourself in deep calmness.


The time you face to yourself must create the power to love yourself.

Then, "Being Happy" will make your loved ones happier.


I wish each person rides a comfortable waves and walk step by step at their own pace and let themself shine on the endless journey.


I will support you as a companion on your journey through Yoga, Chi Nei Tsang and Naturopathy.


Yukie Nemoto


Yoga Instructor, Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner and Nature Lover.


I am Japanese, grew up in Japan and had lived in USA and Kenya.


After visiting Africa as a student, I have been attracted with people, deep-rooted culture and beautiful mother nature in Africa.


The time when I was working at a trading company, I got sick of working extremely hard. Then I realized I should follow my soul and decided to get involved with Africa where I have been longing for long time.

I started to work at African travel company in Japan. This was also the start of my spiritual journey as yoga practitioner.


Before Pandemic, I had lived in Kenya as an expatriate. It was supposed to be 3 years assigned period. Unfortunately,  I had to come back to Japan because of the unpredictable social change.

In the exciting life of Kenya, I witnessed the actual situation of people who cannot easily reach medical care, and realized the importance of "Healing" that draws out the natural healing power of themselves.

Since then, I started to get into Yoga and therapy work. Alongside working as Yoga instructor and body therapist, I have been training with Chi Nei Tsang, Qi kong from Mr. Masahiro Ouchi and studying Chinese medicine from Ms. Shinobu Tanaka.



・Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner

・Yoga Alliance Teacher (RYT200)

・Cyndi Lee Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training 1

・Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

・Yin Yoga Teacher

・Chinese Medicine Instructor

・Herbal Therapist