What is Chi nei tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang is a wholistic approach to the healing modality rooted in ancient Taoism.

It literally means "working the Chi (Life force) of the internal organs".


Have you ever felt "butterfly in your stomach" when you fall in love with someone?

Have you ever got stomach pain produced by worries and stress?

Our physical conditions are all connected with our emotions.


With a gentle, deep and listening touch on the each organs, CNT can detoxify and tone the internal organs, uncover emotional blockages, and release structural tensions.

Chi Nei Tsang revitalizes the person by supporting and enhancing the natural ability of the body to heal itself.


Clients often experience a deep state of relaxation, awareness and connection with themselves on a physical and emotional level by the session.

So that it calls pair meditation or pair Qi Kong.


It is important to emphasize that the Chi Nei Tsang does not attempt an allopathic cure for illness. Chi Nei Tsang addresses the whole person, regarding no difference between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing or well-being.  


In that way, Chi Nei Tsang can be of particular benefit to some of the more intractable contemporary problems, such as below symptoms.

  • sleep disorders
  • digestive disorders
  • nervous disorders
  • auto-immune disorders such as Lupus and chronic fatigue. etc

It is a system designed to precipitate change by bringing awareness to the internal organs of the body, thus inducing the body to heal. In that way, Chi Nei Tsang addresses every condition of a person, whether manifested physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


■Chi Nei Tsang 90min JPY13,000


It is recommended to have 3 or 5 sessions to have deeper healing and to maintain better balance.


Thaivedic Massage 30min JPY3000〜

Thai Massage focus on circulation and pressure points, promoting internal health and muscular flexibility. 

Treatment begins with the feet and gradually move toward upper body and head.

Rhythmic compressions and gentle rocking patterns are typical methods, which make you relax and realign energies in the body.


Place: Tokyo, Kamakura